Administering team foundation server instances and team projects

Questions derived from the 70-510 – TS: Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Microsoft Self-Test Software Practice Test.

Objective: Administering team foundation server instances and team projects
SubObjective: Manage team projects

Item Number: 70-510.2.2.2
Single Answer, Multiple Choice

You are the application developer in a software company using team foundation version control (TFVC). The team foundation server is configured for nightly backup.

The application client requires some features to be added. You check out the source code and begin implementation of the new features. Some are fully functional by the end of the business day. You want to continue implementation on the next business day. The file should be backed up at the end of the night.

What should you do to save the source code changes without checking them back in using the least amount of administrative effort?

  1. Use Team Explorer
  2. Use the Windows Backup utility
  3. Use the shelving feature of TFVC
  4. Use the branching feature of TFVC

C. Use the shelving feature of TFVC

You should use the shelving feature of TFVC to save the changes made to the source code file without checking it back in. Shelving a file does not check in the file. The shelving process moves the file to the Team Foundation Server without checking it in. This ensures that the partial changes you made on the file will be saved on the Team Foundation Server and the saved…



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