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Boston — Nov. 20
adenin TECHNOLOGIES, provider of enterprise intranet software suites, announces version 9 of IntelliEnterprise, which includes relational search, social networking and “MyProfile” for the enterprise. These enhancements enable enterprise employees to uncover previously unrecognized relationships between information assets. They also increase employee collaboration and social presence, and participation in the enterprise conversation, while the organization reaps the benefits of their collective intelligence.

With the fully re-engineered Relational Search module, users have a 360-degree view of all structured and unstructured information assets, including documents, wikis, blogs, streaming videos, podcasts, database and contact records, and more. This capability takes full advantage of user participation through things like tags and social bookmarks, which provide more accurate search results, and allows users instant access to relevant content, as well as subject-matter experts.

Employees searching the intranet for a travel expense report form, for example, will not only be presented with the desired form, they will also be shown a listing of other related information they may need to access, such as travel advance requests, mileage reimbursement forms and travel policies, or a listing of company-approved travel agency Web sites. Having access to relevant information gives users the ability to drill down, slice-and-dice and refine results in a more meaningful way. In addition, users will now have visibility into who is responsible for the information, which provides more direct access to experts.

Social bookmarking opens the door to new ways of collecting, organizing, categorizing and sharing information resources across the enterprise. Because social bookmarks are easily shared and accessible from anywhere one can access the intranet, individuals with similar interests can connect, and over time, develop a “folksonomy” that allows the entire enterprise to benefit from their collective intelligence.

To further increase the social presence of employees and encourage them to collaborate and become part of the conversation, “MyProfile” allows users to share information about themselves with selected users, including bookmarks, tags, pictures, work groups and hobbies.

“This latest release of IntelliEnterprise brings its search and social collaboration capabilities full circle to make the intranet even more alive,” said Martin Amm, CEO of adenin TECHNOLOGIES. “Having all of this capability tightly integrated into a single system rather than incorporating solutions from a variety of vendors makes for a smoother implementation.”

IntelliEnterprise is an integrated suite that offers traditional intranet functionality, including dashboards, content and document management, search and workflow, as well as a library of more than 100 ready-to-run applications, which allow organizations to quickly add significant functionality to their intranets as their business needs evolve over time, without requiring third-party software integration.

The modules include an employee directory, organizational charts, help desk, Flash video streaming, recruiting requisitions, job candidate tracker, contract manager, CRM, change management, facility maintenance requests, RSS feeds, Exchange integration, asset manager and project management. IntelliEnterprise is easy to update, so ownership for maintaining the intranet can be shared across the organization, helping to ensure that the portal stays up to date and vibrant without placing a heavy burden on the IT department.

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