ACS | Mellon HSA Solution Manages More Than 450K Health Savings Accounts

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<strong>Dallas &mdash; Feb. 19</strong><br />Affiliated Computer Services Inc. announced that its ACS | Mellon HSA Solution now manages more than 450,000 health savings accounts (HSAs). The accounts hold more than $350 million in assets, representing more than 1 million people who take advantage of this tax-free benefit to save for and purchase medical care.<br /><br />According to Inside Consumer-Directed Care, an industry publication that tracks HSA data, the ACS | Mellon HSA Solution ranks among the top HSA administrators in America. ACS estimates that it now manages approximately 15 percent of the total number of HSAs.<br /><br />&ldquo;The continued explosive growth in HSAs demonstrates that this health care benefit is gaining favor with both American workers and their employers,&rdquo; said Gregg Larson, ACS&rsquo; national HSA product leader. &ldquo;We expect HSAs will gain even more attention and popularity during 2008 as employers and individuals choose flexible health plans that address rising health care costs, and as they become an important part of the national health care debate during the presidential election process.&rdquo; <br /><br />ACS attributes the growth in its HSA accounts to the broad flexibility it offers employers in enrollment, funding, communication and investments. The number of HSAs administered by the ACS | Mellon HSA Solution more than doubled in 2007, with assets expanding more than 150 percent. This growth occurred across all market segments, from employers with more than 1 million employees to employers with two employees.<br /><br />More than 22,000 employers have selected the ACS | Mellon HSA Solution for their employees, either through their health plan or through direct contracting with ACS. The company provides its HSA products and services through a network of leading health plans, third-party administrators and large employers.<br /><br />The company offers a complete range of HSA services for health plans and employers, including communications, consulting, account administration, investments, enrollment, payroll and customer service. <br />

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