Accelerating Data Transfer

In corporate America today, data optimization is quickly maturing. More applications are leveraging data once siloed in specialized business functions and systems. More sensitivity is applied to data access with an eye not only to security but to expert utilization. In this environment, the push of data that intends to maximize corporate productivity can instead hit a slowdown.

So small-business software developers look for niches in a marketplace dominated by a few big players. MAStransit is designed to export Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 accounting and enterprise resource data to a Microsoft SQL Server. It was created by HighTower, a business software developer in Skokie, Ill., at customer request. With MAStransit, staff that needs to access the data does not need to query the ERP solution and can gain access faster.

By pushing the records to another server and leapfrogging the open database connection (ODBC) used by Crystal Reports to connect to Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200, this information also can be accessed from more places than when data must be called up through ODBC and Crystal Reports.

Eliminating Obstacles to Greater Efficiency
With worries about the economy at several small and midsize firms, the study of data to expose the state of business and predict its future has become more critical. Poky reporting was inconsistent with aggressive decision-making at some of HighTower’s customers. To keep their businesses competitive, they required a quick, reliable way to retrieve data from Sage ERP systems.

“We have…



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