Ability USA Introduces Low-Cost Office Software

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<p><strong>Raleigh, N.C. </strong><br />Ability USA recently announced the availability of a new version of office suite software targeting home users, corporate users, educational institutions and resellers in North America. </p><p>Compatible with and comparable to Microsoft Office, this low-cost software features all the functionality of traditional office suite software packages at a fraction of the cost. It is now available for purchase in three different suites: Ability Office Business, Ability Office Home and Ability Graphics. <br /><br />The immediate savings when using this suite are substantial. Any educational or corporate institution that has thousands of licenses will see a reduction of the annual Microsoft fee by 80 percent. Home users will save up to 70 percent on in-store Microsoft products. <br /><br />Dr. Hugo Uyttenhove, executive director of Ability USA, said, &ldquo;The current economic conditions warrant this level of pricing and functionality. Our office suite offers, unlike free software, ad-free applications and full support. Most organizations will be able to replace up to 80 percent of their Microsoft licenses with our business version.&rdquo;<br /><br />Ability Office, already an award-winning solution popular with both small business and home users worldwide, is well-known for its ease of use and intuitive interface. The new Ability Office Suite version embraces a new level of functionality with updates including fresh icons, toolbar styles and task panes in keeping with the Vista operating system. <br /><br />It maintains a small footprint once installed, meaning its consumption of system resources is light, when compared to traditional resource-heavy solutions. It installs on all MS operating systems for desktops.<br /><br />The application modules in Ability Office are transparent in use with Microsoft Office file extensions. This allows for reading .doc files, for instance, and saving them back as .doc files using Ability&rsquo;s Write module. Since the layout is similar to that of Microsoft Office modules, the learning curve is very short. The graphics module goes further than just Microsoft&rsquo;s Paint, as it is similar to Adobe Photoshop.<br /><br />Ability Office offers independent resellers a great revenue-earning opportunity with great margins. Ability USA is marking the launch of the brand into the North American market with the offer of an &ldquo;Ability USA Starter Pack&rdquo; to independent resellers. <br /><br />All products sold in the US are supported in the form of free lifetime technical assistance for both resellers and end users and a dedicated informative Web site. <br /></p>

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