Aberdeen Research Suggests Core HR Systems

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Denver — Oct. 24
Recent research suggests that core human resource systems such as iVantage® from SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation are helping companies improve performance, save money and keep employees longer.

A September 2007 report, The Strategic Development of Core HR Systems, by Aberdeen, a Harte-Hanks company (NYSE:HHS), found that a common trend among best-in-class companies is the use of cutting-edge core human resource systems. The report touted these systems as improving efficiency and productivity while creating a greater level of satisfaction among employees. SPECTRUM’s iVantage product is an integrated HR tool that combines all HR functionality into a single system, something the company says without doubt gives organizations a strategic advantage.

“By putting everything into one system, iVantage gives companies a bird’s eye view of themselves,” said SPECTRUM president and CEO Sybll Romley. “Not only can they more easily manage HR, they can use HR data to enhance strategic planning.”

Recent advances have greatly increased functionality, transforming core HR systems into strategic as well as HR tools. With software like iVantage, companies can streamline their HR processes while, for strategic planning, they can leverage existing data that was historically difficult to collect.

“Best-in-class companies are recognizing the benefit of a superior HR system implementation sooner than other organizations,” said Allison Stamm, research analyst for Aberdeen. “Increased productivity, streamlined operations and lower rates of error collectively provide a significant time savings, higher levels of performance and a much greater degree of satisfaction among users throughout the organization.”

According to the report, only 9 percent of the best-in-class companies polled were somewhat or very dissatisfied with their HR systems, compared with 37 percent of all respondents of the survey. Best-in-class companies were also significantly more likely to rank their performance as “excellent” among 10 critical HR system functions, according to Aberdeen.

To obtain a complimentary copy of the report, visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410948&cid=4209.


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