Aberdeen Research Shows Favor of HR Systems

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Denver — Jan. 17
Recent research suggests that using a fully integrated HR system to streamline and improve overall operations can help companies become leaders in their respective industries.

A new report by the Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks company, found that the companies polled were nearly two and a half times more likely to achieve best-in-class status, based on Aberdeen’s criteria, if they used a fully integrated system for human capital management (HCM).

Aberdeen HCM Research Director Kevin Martin said that best-in-class companies tend to want fully integrated HR systems with as much functionality as possible, which they can use to incorporate HR into company strategy.

“To increase the productivity of the workforce and supportive HR processes, as well as adapt quickly to market changes, best-in-class organizations seek to ensure that the efforts and output of human capital are aligned with the company’s overall objectives,” said Martin.

Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corp. President and CEO Sybll Romley said she wasn’t surprised by Aberdeen’s findings. Rather, she has long held the belief that integrated HR systems can improve companies’ overall processes and lower their bottom line — something that is especially true with recent system advances.

“With an HRIS, particularly the ones out today, companies can improve the overall efficiency, productivity and satisfaction of their people,” said Romley. “At the same time, companies can streamline processes and make HR a part of strategic planning.”

Romley said that core HR systems such as Spectrum’s iVantage are helping companies improve performance, save money and keep employees longer. The iVantage product is a best-of-breed integrated HR tool that combines all HR functionality into a single system, something she said gives organizations a strategic advantage.

Aberdeen’s report examines how global companies are using HR systems and HCM strategies to improve workforce productivity and HR efficiency. The report includes recommendations for companies wishing to leverage HCM technology to improve overall performance.

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