A Threat to Your Career: Combating Certification Fraud

There is a problem in the IT certification business. It affects all of us in the industry: hardware and software companies that sponsor certification programs, IT professionals who seek certification to validate their skills and employers who use certifications to identify qualified workers.

Yet this problem is the elephant in the room that everyone knows is there, but no one wants to acknowledge. What is it?

It’s certification fraud.

When people cheat to obtain IT credentials, the value of certification is diminished for everyone. Fraud destroys the trust employers and individuals have in brand-name certifications that are the foundation of the IT profession. Rumors of cheating lead to doubt about the qualifications of all people who hold credentials.

Employers no longer can assume that candidates can do a job, even if their certifications indicate they should have the requisite knowledge and skills. And when employers don’t value certification as a hiring, promotion or compensation criterion, IT professionals don’t see the value in attaining certification.

But certifications are important baseline measures of competency, since the IT industry doesn’t offer objective license programs to measure qualifications like in the pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore, some of the major players in the IT industry are banding together to attack this issue head-on. For the first time, companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems, Prometric and many others collaborated for the same end goal, resulting in the creation of the new IT Certification Council (ITCC).

Fraud is not a new problem;…



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