A Tale of Two Surveys

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You know what they say about opinions: Everyone has them, and they all stink. That’s a cynical statement and, of course, far from true.

Everyone does have opinions, and everyone has a right to their opinion. But even more importantly, opinions (good, bad and indifferent) are crucial determinants of everything from which TV shows survive cancellations to who makes a country’s command decisions.

In the world of IT certification, opinions are just about as good as gold. The opinions of employers favoring certification help you land jobs. Your opinions of which programs have value enable them to grow (or not). The opinions – informed, to be sure – of program creators determine the skills you must master to succeed.

So we agree, in my opinion, that opinions are important. In that case, let me share some opinions with you, and then turn the tables to get your input.

The sharing starts with this issue, where we present our first CertMag’s Boot Camp Survey. Boot camps are a popular form of accelerated IT training, intensive cramming sessions that help experts like you prepare for the big exam. This year, with authors Ed Tittel and Bill Brogden, we surveyed about 900 IT experts on their opinions of boot-camp training.

The results, I think, will surprise you. You’ll find out what these veterans think of boot camps, what they think works, what they think doesn’t, what you can look for, what you can avoid. It’s a good snapshot for the industry and will hopefully help you invest wisely next time you’re ready to train.

That’s what I have to offer; here’s what I’m hoping to gain: As the presses rolled on this issue, we launched our 2003 CertMag Salary Survey, our annual survey showing the salary impact of certification. I’m urging you to visit www.certmag.com/salarysurvey and share your thoughts with us. The survey won’t take more than a few minutes of your time, but it will give us information that can help chart your career. As always, we’ll report the results in our December 2003 issue, and the data will be used to update the CertMag.com Salary Calculator, which is available year-round to help you determine the worth of your particular credentials in your particular geographic area.

In all things, your opinion matters, but it’s not this often that it matters quite so much to you. At least that’s my opinion.

Tim Sosbe

Editorial Director



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