A Tale of Two IT Guys

Every year during the holidays, a group of my high school friends gets together to chew the fat and play catch-up on each others’ lives. A tradition since our first year of college, this originally was our chance to top each others’ tales of higher education. In a reflection of the fact that we’ve since moved on to the working world, this year, the conversation addressed another topic: IT guys.

IT professionals are trained — maybe with good reason — that the biggest threat to a system isn’t viruses or phishing scams but users themselves. Does this mean IT professionals walk around their offices and look at everyone as if they’re life-size Trojan viruses?

From my friend Nick’s experience, one would think so.

Shortly after starting a new job at a sales office, Nick was told he needed to see Jerry the IT guy to obtain a username, password, as well as e-mail and server access to begin chasing down his first set of leads. Anxious to have a good start at his new job, Nick immediately went to Jerry’s office to get things set up.

While talking on the phone and pushing buttons, Jerry said he’d do it as soon as he could. Helpless, Nick told his supervisor about the delay, and minutes later he flew around the corner, telling Nick to stand up from his chair and move aside. The username and password were set up in minutes, and he left some hand-scribbled notes…



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