A-squared Anti-Malware 3.5: Protection From Damaging Software

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Two a-squared products have entered the next generation. Versions 3.5 of a-squared Anti-Malware and a-squared Free are now available. These Windows programs protect your system from Trojans, worms, keyloggers, dialers, rootkits and spyware. A-squared Anti-Malware now relies on the intelligence of the a-squared community to reduce false alarms. Other new features are better self-protection, recognition of mouse and keyboard simulators and an extended Paranoid Mode. A-squared Free 3.5 can also now be started from a USB stick.

Every computer that has contact with the Internet is in constant danger of being infected with malignant malware. There are many different types of damaging software. Trojans, worms, keyloggers, dialers, rootkits and spyware programs often pretend to be harmless programs. In reality, they spy on your system and open the door for hackers to access your computer.

A-squared Anti-Malware 3.5 establishes efficient protection against all these damaging programs and now provides extra security for the PCs of more than four million users. Daily updates via the Internet ensure that even very new damaging code can be recognized and eliminated via a signature comparison. This is important because hundreds of new malware variants create danger in the workplace every day. Backdoors, bots and tracking cookies are also recognized with this method. However, a-squared Anti-Malware does not just rely on signatures. The unique Malware-Intrusion Detection System (Malware-IDS) goes one step further by using behavioral analysis to identify and block potentially dangerous programs before they can do any damage.

The new version of the a-squared Anti-Malware 3.5 protection program offers a number of important new features:

  • Community-based alert reduction: Anti-Malware programs that also use behavior analysis can be somewhat overenthusiastic with alert messages and often raise alarms for programs that are actually completely harmless. The system now uses community-based alert reduction to prevent this. This system queries the “intelligence of the masses.” This works in the following manner: When an alert occurs, the program checks if other users have run the same software and, if so, whether they decided to allow or deny the program to start when the warning was raised. A-squared Anti-Malware 3.5 then provides an appropriate recommendation based on this analysis. A percent value can be specified in the program. For example, the protection software can automatically allow a program to run when 90 percent of all users have also decided to allow the same program to run.
  • Recognition of mouse and keyboard simulators: Within the scope of providing significantly better self-protection, a-squared Anti-Malware 3.5 now checks for programs that simulate mouse motion, mouse clicks and keyboard input. Many damaging programs use this technique to terminate security programs. Programs exhibiting this type of behavior can now be recognized and rendered inoperative by a-squared Anti-Malware.
  • Extended Paranoid Mode: Those who wish extra security can enable the Paranoid Mode. This signals an especially large number of suspect procedures and suspicious program starts. This mode has been recently expanded and now also signals programs having Malware-similar file layouts.

A 30-day trial version of a-squared Anti-Malware 3.5 is available without charge on the download page. A one-year license for the full version costs $39.95. The full version also includes the a-squared HiJackFree system. Until the end of April, all full-version customers also receive a free 1 GB Emergency USB Stick. This contains a-squared Free and also the a-squared Command line Scanner for cleaning infected systems.

A-squared Free has also been updated. Version 3.5 can still be used without charge by private users to protect their systems from Trojans, spyware, adware, worms, keyloggers, rootkits, dialers and other damaging programs. The program uses signatures for recognizing damaging programs, but in contrast to a-squared Anti-Malware, does not provide the Malware-Intrusion Detection System.

The new version of a-squared Free can now be used without installing it on the target computer. The program can be directly copied to a USB stick or other removable media. This allows a-squared Free to be used to first check a computer for Malware infection as soon as the user sits in front of it. This could be a hotel computer, a PC in an Internet cafe or the computer of a colleague.

Christian Mairoll, the general manager of Emsi Software GmbH, said: “With infected computers, it is often the case that an Internet connection for downloading protection software cannot be established. A-squared Free can then be used from a USB stick to clean the infected system.” 

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