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When I first started with Certification Magazine, IT security was still finding its footing as the hottest specialization in the market. In the long, wide wake of Sarbanes-Oxley, companies were scrambling to fully secure their systems, networks, employees, hardware and generally everything interacting with their data on a day-to-day basis.

Eighteen months later, security remains one of the biggest issues in IT. The difference is that additional job roles and functions, technology, legislation and, of course, certifications have cropped up around IT security; the market’s overall stance toward security is much more mature and developed than it once was.

In response, we present our special security issue. Our cover story, “Take a Bite Out of Data Theft,” looks at the circumstances that have led to greater demand for secure data across all industries and institutions. Our Job Roles feature, meanwhile, profiles the chief information security officer, a position that has become more common in recent years. Many smaller companies still have the functionality of this job role within the CIO office, but in larger organizations, the CISO function is becoming more defined and essential.

Wireless Internet access is now all the rage in the IT industry and home computing as well. But we’ve found that users tend to rush into wireless without taking stock of the security risks involved. Our Techniques feature this month provides a vital how-to on securing wireless networks.

Elsewhere in the magazine, our Inside Certification article features IT security leader (ISC)2 breaking down the results of its fourth Global Information Security Workforce Study, giving us a total picture of where security is globally, within organizations and among IT professionals. Our Data Stream covers cybersecurity research firm MessageLabs’ project depicting viruses and other cyberthreats in visual form, and Endtag looks at e-surveillance in the workplace and security risks posed by these processes.

Cover to cover, our special security issue looks at IT security from all angles. So here’s to keeping our machines and data safe in 2008.

Daniel Margolis
Managing Editor

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Daniel Margolis


Daniel Margolis is a longtime professional writer and editor. Daniel was managing editor of Certification Magazine from 2006 to 2012.

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