A New Path for IT Certification?

A few weeks ago, the Obama administration released a 76-page document known as the Cybersecurity Act that could change the face of IT training and certification as we know it.

According to Dan Liutikas, senior vice president for industry relations and accreditations at CompTIA, lawmakers drafted the legislation to solve a big dilemma facing the United States and other nations around the world: How do we ensure the security of “critical infrastructure” that is at the heart of national security?

Recent events — including incidents that compromised personal information at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and The Ohio State University — have demonstrated that organizations in both the public and private sectors face challenges in keeping private data secure.

With this proposal, also known as the Rockefeller-Snowe bill, the government is “looking to do one of two things: either come up with a process of certification and licensure that they can implement, or come up with a method for having some other administrative body implement [it],” Liutikas said.

Liutikas recently served on a panel on this topic during the SecureAmericas conference in Arlington, Va. What he heard there was a consensus that companies would prefer a route that would lead to the oversight of security certification and accreditation, rather than the alternative model of a government body creating and implementing a program of licensure.

“I think one of the main things that might be a concern is the potential anti-competitive features,” Liutikas said.…

Meagan Polakowski


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