A More Informal Approach to IT Training

When we think of training, we typically think of formal training. But Mailtrust, a provider of business e-mail hosting, thinks outside the box. The company takes an unconventional approach to training through its Tech Talks, hour-long presentations in which the company shares information about its technologies with employees, college students and even other IT companies.

“It’s really to create the dialogue around all these interesting technologies,” said Bill Boebel, chief technology officer of Mailtrust. “I’ve seen things like this done in other cities, [and] I’ve just seen the community that [it] creates [as] people start [to know] each other. One of my goals is to bring some of that community around technology to our area.”

An organization might be hesitant to share this information with potential competitors, but that’s not a concern for Boebel. After all, what’s new today is old tomorrow. He’s more concerned with creating a collaborative community.

“Because [of] the speed at which technology [evolves], we can talk about something today, [and] in a year it may be mainstream. In two to three years, it’s obsolete,” he explained. “Internet technologies move very, very fast, and in our business a lot of what we do is already public knowledge.”

Mailtrust encourages its software developers to do the Tech Talks that typically involve a high-level overview of a specific technology.

“Most companies could implement something like this, but I wouldn’t have the IT trainer giving the talks,” Boebel said. “I would recommend that the IT trainers identify experts within…



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