A Matter of Trust

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If I was actually working in IT rather than writing about it, I imagine I’d be an independent consultant because I could set my own fees and hours. And there’s no shortage of computer problems out there that need fixing, if you look. I know which certification I’d get first, too: CompTIA’s A+. Why? Because with that widely respected cert I could go out and make a bundle fixing old laptops like mine, which works great despite being the computer equivalent of a pinto with a bum wheel. In this mythical land where I am a computer-smith instead of a wordsmith, the A+ certification would serve as a badge to validate my knowledge and experience as a computer service technician with at least 500 hours of hands-on experience in hardware, software and operating system technologies such as installation, configuration, basic networking and diagnosing.


In this case the bum wheel is its broken right hinge. I thought “Replacement hinge, no big deal. How hard can it be?” And the computer itself isn’t malfunctioning. It still works the same as it always has! This is just a screwdriver-type issue that can be fixed with a new part, a little elbow grease and some intelligent, computer/Geek Squad-type muscle, right? Wrong. I was soooo misguided.


First of all, the Geek Squad pros I contacted at my local Best Buy don’t even handle this type of issue. Their claim to fix any problem, on any PC, anywhere, does not include my busted hinge. Instead they focus their skills on repairing crashed hard drives, containing virus outbreaks and making non-printing printers print, none of which I need.


Second, it’s not as easy as I thought to fix. Our resident computer pro Chester said that he’d need a list of instructions to tackle my poor old “pooter” and then went into a long, extremely detailed soliloquy featuring the whys, hows and every damn thing else. To fix that hinge, he might have to actually remove my keyboard! I probably resembled Tom after.

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