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There’s something about the human animal that loves classifications and rankings. Whether it’s top music videos, classic TV moments or the world’s sexiest people, humans love to make lists. (Go on, ask me what my favorite movies are … if you have the time.) Often the lists are nothing more than personal opinions or random collections of thoughts and ideas.

That’s exactly where we are with this month’s issue of Certification Magazine. Longtime readers might remember we first published the CertMag “Top 10” lists back in the November 2003 issue, having some fun with certifications by categories and presenting some food-for-thought nuggets for your snacking pleasure.

Well, we’re back. With this issue of Certification Magazine, we’ve once again asked technology editor Ed Tittel to go crazy with the list-making. You can see the end results starting on Page 18. But just to get you in the right spirit, I asked our staff editors to prepare a list of their own. From that group collaboration late on a Friday afternoon, we developed the following silly little list. I hope it makes you chuckle and prepares you for Ed’s more rational work.

Top 10 Reasons to Get Certified:



  • When’s the last time you did anything to impress your mother?
  • Madame Zelda sees patents in your future. (Madame Zelda says you now owe her $20 per certification.)
  • It’s the ultimate cult. A bit nerdy, but still a cult.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that’s what certification means to me. (For the peace of mind of our attorneys, everyone here denies any knowledge of a singer named Aretha Franklin.)
  • It’s the first campaign in the war for your boss’s job.
  • It’s a good way to outshine the office know-it-all. If you are the office know-it-all, what better way to rub it in those little weasels’ faces?
  • It could get you a date. Or at least enough credibility to make people believe you had a date.
  • Because you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you. (Our attorneys ask us to remind you we’ve never heard of Al Franken either … or anyone with the initials A.F. for that matter.)
  • FYI, It’s A-OK to list IT acronyms ASAP on your CV. (BTW, you’re SOL if you don’t PDQ.)
  • Ka-Ching!


OK, so no one here is quitting his or her day job and planning to hit the professional list-making circuit. You had to know this was coming: Can you do any better? Please do share your list of reasons, serious or otherwise, to get certified. Send one reason, send 10 … all input would be appreciated. You might even find the act of list-making is almost Zen-like in its ability to provide clarity and purpose. Of course, that’s just one reason.

Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director

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