93 Percent of Companies That Lost Their E-mail

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<p><strong>San Jose, Calif. &mdash; Dec. 10</strong><br />Sonasoft announces their suite of SonaSafe Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery products has helped companies avoid bankruptcy during times of turmoil and within a shaky economy.<br /><br />In business, a computer disaster equals an event that halts the normal operation of day-to-day business activities. Events, like hurricanes, tornadoes, major fires, blizzards and floods, are happening to companies, and those that do not have a proper disaster plan pay dearly through lost productivity and financial loss. The National Archives and Records Administration reported that 93 percent of the companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.<br /><br />E-mail has become a mission-critical application for most businesses today, and it has long been a challenge to backup and restore e-mail information. If a crash occurs and if the data is not restored, it can have devastating consequences for a business. Microsoft Exchange has become the key messaging application for communication within an organization and also with the outside world. Companies are impacted adversely with significant loss of productivity and revenue when an Exchange server goes down. With the increasing dependence of business on Exchange servers, customers are demanding instant failover to a local or remote server.<br /><br />The best way to prepare for a disaster is to avoid the disaster. Therefore, users should look for any potential problems one may find, and correct them. Regardless of the cause, fast and effective recovery of the IT environment is essential. One must be able to quickly implement a recovery plan &mdash; which must be tested and well documented before problems occur.<br /><br />Sonasoft is one of the first companies to offer an affordable, easy-to-use and automated solution that can be implemented within a couple of hours. Sonasoft assures the security of company information and the ability to recover from interruptions as quickly as your business requires. This is &ldquo;recovery at the speed of need.&rdquo; Sonasoft&rsquo;s disk-to-disk application SonaSafe allows data to be stored as often as needed. For example, if the primary server in San Francisco goes down because of an earthquake, then all the users can continue to have access to their e-mail by failing over to a remote server in Detroit or New York.<br /><br />&ldquo;The replication feature that Sonasoft offers is better than the competition. I not only depend on the replicated server at the disaster recovery site for business continuity, but I can also use it for maintenance purposes; I can now check my replication by failing over just one mailbox so I know it is working. This was something that really attracted me to Sonasoft&rdquo;, said A. Sadr, computer systems director, Office of the Provost, USC.<br /><br />&ldquo;With global warming contributing to unseasonable occurrences all over the world, terrorist attacks and a shaky economy, companies need a bulletproof e-mail system if they want to stay in business. Our products have helped companies survive Katrina, the Southern California fires, Florida hurricanes and tornadoes in Midwest,&rdquo; explained Andy Khanna, CEO and president of Sonasoft. </p>

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