3600 Book Scanner Receives Ariel Certification

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<p><strong>Los Angeles &mdash; Aug. 21</strong><br />Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of consumer, professional and office imaging devices, has announced that the OpticBook 3600 scanner is now certified as Ariel-compatible.  </p><p>Ariel provides the basis for librarians and information centers to excel in online document delivery, right to the user&#39;s desktop, with faster transmission, higher resolution and superior graphic image quality.  </p><p>With its new Ariel certification, combined with the powerful arsenal of included software and the growing need for quick digital delivery of documents, the OpticBook 3600 becomes an affordable and indispensable tool to libraries and other document supply houses.<br /><br />&ldquo;The OpticBook&rsquo;s user interface is very easy to use, and the scanning options are clearly marked,” said Bijan McKinney, Infotrieve Ariel technical manager. “This affordable but powerful scanner is the perfect companion for the Ariel software.&rdquo;<br /><br />The OpticBook 3600 is perfect for businesses, libraries, universities, government agencies, etc., which need to quickly scan books and other bound documents without text distortion.  </p><p>The OpticBook 3600 incorporates Plustek&rsquo;s patent-pending SEE technology (Shadow Elimination Element), which combines a patented lamp light with a special edge design that allows the scanning module to scan right up to where the book spine is placed.  </p><p>This clever design avoids the need for a large, expensive overhead scanner or complicated image-editing software.  </p><p>With Plustek&rsquo;s SEE technology and the OpticBook&rsquo;s clearly scanned pages, those who use optical character recognition (OCR) software to scan text for editing will see perfect results, even near the binding.  </p><p>To improve distribution of scanned documents, OpticBook includes a feature that saves images in the popular and cross-platform PDF format, as well.<br /><br />In addition to its power as book scanner, the OpticBook 3600 also functions as a superior A4 color scanner, with 48-bit color depth and 1200dpi optical resolution.  </p><p>Additional features include high-speed scanning with quick USB 2.0 data transfer.  </p><p>With the OpticBook, scanning a 250-page book can be easily finished in less than an hour.  </p><p>The scanner&rsquo;s Book Pilot software automatically rotates the page images, as book pages are continuously scanned, and saves them in the correct order.  </p><p>OpticBook&rsquo;s powerful, bundled software package makes it easy to categorize images, use OCR, convert text to PDF format or Microsoft Word or burn a CD or VCD slideshow presentation.  </p><p>Along with other scanner features, OpticBook has a copy mode, which functions like a copy machine, making quick copies of book pages with the touch of a button &mdash; without the annoying black border around the page that often occurs when using a photocopy machine.<br /><br />Additional features include a Reversible Reflective Document Mat (built into the lid), which offers a white backing for normal scanning and a black backing for auto cropping and clearer scans of thin pages.</p>

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