2021 Annual Salary Survey

Certification Magazine conducts a Salary Survey each year. Survey participants are working IT professionals in the United States and elsewhere around the world who hold at least one current IT certification. Initial findings from the Salary Survey are published in print in our Winter (January) quarterly issue and posted serially throughout the first three months of the year at CertMag.com.

Additional articles that feature previously unpublished survey data are posted throughout the year exclusively at CertMag.com. If you’re just looking for the Salary Survey 75 list, then you’ll find a link below, or you can just scroll down this page.

From the Magazine

Salary Survey 2021: Moving on (?) from COVID-19
Salary Survey 2021: Certification keeps skills sharp, adds salary oomph
Salary Survey 2021: IT professionals tend to be older, get certified early
Salary Survey 2021: An all-new Salary Survey 75

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Winter Edition 2021

CertMag.com Exclusives

Salary Survey Extra: Does more certs on your résumé = more money in your pocket? (Jan. 7)
Salary Survey Extra: The next President of the United States (Jan. 14)
Salary Survey Extra: The impact on income of higher education (Jan. 21)
Salary Survey Extra: The most effective IT career preparation (Jan. 28)
Salary Survey Extra: Cleaning up the internet (Feb. 4)
Salary Survey Extra: Desktop and laptop computers in the workplace (Feb. 11)
Salary Survey Extra: Tablet and smartphone usage in the workplace (Feb. 18)
Salary Survey Extra: More [Fill in the blank] vendor-neutral certs needed (March 4)
Salary Survey Extra: Whose IT salaries are higher, men or women? (March 11)
Salary Survey Extra: Have a drink on us (March 18)
Salary Survey Extra: More data about salary satisfaction, Part 1 (March 25)
Salary Survey Extra: More data about salary satisfaction, Part 2 (April 1)
Salary Survey Extra: Whoa no! Bill and Ted strike out (April 8)
Salary Survey Extra: More data about salary satisfaction, Part 3 (April 15)


Salary Survey 75 2021

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