2010: Big Year For Business Technology

In the coming year, as the economy begins a protracted recovery from the deepest recession since the Great Depression, technology will play an unprecedented role in helping businesses pick up the pieces. As leaders decide what hardware, software and services they’ll need to remain competitive, they will increasingly realize just how fundamentally the tech landscape has changed.

This brave, sometimes frightening new world of business technology is evolving for the following key reasons:

•    Workload: Post-layoff, organizations have fewer people left to manage the same — or heavier — volume of work. Those that fail to become more efficient will be left behind.
•    Budget shock: Businesses will remain gun-shy about making major capital investments in technology. If IT can’t make the business case, the financial decision makers won’t sign off. Projects that survive will be far more restrained in size and scope and will be inextricably connected to underlying business needs.
•    Competitiveness and agility: In any given market, there are fewer customers to be had. Hungrier vendors mean unprecedented levels of competition as everyone fights for a piece of a shrunken pie. More volatile market conditions compel companies to respond faster than ever before. They’ll need to know more about their internal and external environments, and they’ll need to know it sooner.

As 2010 dawns, revenue-starved, cash-strapped companies are challenged to leverage their data and squeeze more productivity out of their people and systems. They need better ways to manage their information, to allow everyone in the organization…



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