1&1 Registered .ORG Domains Up 31 Percent in Past Year

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Philadelphia — May 29
Web Host 1&1 Internet Inc. revealed that it has seen impressive growth in the number of .ORG domain names registered by its customers worldwide. The number of 1&1 registered .ORG domains increased by about 31 percent during the past 12 months, suggesting an increase in Web activity in the nonprofit and charity sectors.

With the availability of .ORG domains for only $6.99 per year — including a five-page Web site, search-engine submission and private registration — it has never been easier or more affordable to take a good cause to the Web. 1&1 joins the .ORG Public Interest Registry (PIR) and its World Voices campaign in recognizing the remarkable achievements of the .ORG community.

While Web adoption is most often analyzed in terms of small businesses and personal publishing activity, 1&1 reveals evidence to show that small scale nonprofit and social activism Web sites are making impressive gains on the Internet. Between December 2006 and December 2007, the world's largest Web host registered more than 70,000 .ORG domains, seeing a unique and impressive increase of 31 percent.

The availability of affordable, out-of-the-box Web solutions has no doubt helped accelerate the progress of nonprofit, charity and social activism Web sites. In 2008, it can take as little as 30 minutes and a few clicks to give a voice to a cause or activity, with the average user today having tools at their fingertips previously reserved to large organizations.

An example of an effective 1&1 registered .ORG Web site is the local New Jersey firefighter's association website, www.NJBCFA.org. The site provides a community with information and increased support for the firefighters. Their .ORG domain gives the organization an internationally recognized emblem of legitimacy and nonprofit status.

Ray DiPatri of the N.J.B.C.F.A comments, “Our Web site has been vital for building support, sharing information and recruiting volunteers. This Firefighter Association has been meeting for over 90 years, and our Web site will help recruit new and younger members. The .ORG domain name is an extension of our nonprofit identity and conveys the spirit of volunteerism: doing without financial reward.” The N.J.B.C.F.A. Web site is a good example of how the .ORG community has used the Web to connect a community and support a good cause.

Oliver Mauss, CEO of1&1 Internet Inc., said, “While we have seen pleasing growth in all domain registrations worldwide, perhaps the most satisfying is the huge rise in .ORGs over the past year. Out of 1&1's 10 million domains, some of the most innovative and productive Web sites are to be found in the .ORG community.

“Just as the Internet was intended, the Web can be an amazing means for smaller groups to make a difference, and 1&1 will continue to work hard to help the nonprofit sector use the Internet to maximum effect.”

Alexa Raad, CEO of Public Interest Registry, added, “The contributions of the .ORG community in recent years are amazing. They have not only helped to galvanize interest in various causes, but by adopting trends such as social networking, have given individuals unprecedented means to inspire, educate, collaborate and ultimately change the world as we know it.”

The .ORG domain is a highly effective Web identity because it transcends geographical boundaries and sociopolitical labels. .ORG is clearly a powerful tool in attracting support and participation for nonprofit initiatives.

The growth of 1&1 .ORG registrations is significant in demonstrating a surge in the number of people and causes that are empowered by the Web. The availability of .ORG is representative of the original concept of the Internet: egalitarian and intended for honorable enterprises.

Raad added, “The World Voices Campaign is designed to highlight the contributions of the .ORG community, as well as position .ORG, the Public Interest Registry, as a passionate steward of the namespace and a fierce advocate for the rights of its community.” 

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