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Philadelphia — May 18
1&1 Internet Inc., a Web host, announced the launch of a remarkable new service for creating a small business Web site: 1&1 MyBusiness Site. Addressing a wide range of small to medium businesses, the package greatly simplifies the creation of a Web site to just a few minutes without any need for Web site design experience.

Specific designs are available for more than 100 different business types. Companies can test the new product for free for five days. During the free trial, companies can share their fully functioning, customized Web site online without risk. 1&1 MyBusiness Site, $9.99 per month, addresses the need for an instant, achievable Web site for the many thousands of U.S. small businesses still unable to present themselves online.

1&1 MyBusiness Site comprises a powerful and innovative way for a small company to launch a Web site, with many specialist business sectors included. Company information is inserted during the order process and used to create a fully assembled homepage.

Relevant images, sample texts and tailored design elements are already populated within each Web site template (e.g., menus for restaurants or appointment requests for hairdressers). The content of the various pages can be edited online using any computer with an internet connection and without the need for software or a separate Web page builder.

“Before developing 1&1 MyBusiness Site, we did some very detailed market analysis,” explained Oliver Mauss, CEO of 1&1 Internet. “As a result, it was clear that a lot of traditional hosting packages are simply too complicated to fulfill the needs of a great many small business owners.”

Research of more than 1,800 small businesses commissioned by 1&1, found that 40 percent are still without a company Web site. Some 24 percent of companies that do not have a Web site are interested in creating one but are concerned that existing offers are too complicated or costly.

The most common reasons for not having a Web site are concerns about the time needed to create one (36 percent) and concerns as to whether having a Web site is necessary for their business (21 percent).

The development of 1&1 MyBusiness Site is based on the results of market research conducted across Europe and the USA. Professional design agencies were used to create individual templates for the business sectors included. Users are able to edit the content of their home pages directly from their Web sites as easily as they could a Microsoft Word document. All data is stored in 1&1’s high-security data centers, so the business does not have to worry about backups.

“1&1 MyBusiness Site puts an end to complex feature lists which are usually associated with web hosting products,” explained Mauss. “Our research found that the endless feature lists are tiresome and confusing for a lot of business owners. That’s why 1&1 decided to radically change its approach: The number of pages, the Web space and the traffic are unlimited. A small company should not have to worry about such technical details.”

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