1&1 Internet Registers 10 Millionth Domain

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<strong>Philadelphia &mdash; March 4</strong><br />1&1 Internet Inc. announced the company&#39;s 10 millionth domain registration. 1&1 not only retails some of the lowest-priced domain names, but bundles each domain with a five-page starter Web site and search engine submission &mdash; and so provides a professional-quality Web presence for only a few dollars. 1&1 also revealed a survey of 1,025 U.S. consumers, commissioned by 1&1, that found Americans in 2008 to be surprisingly confident in being able to build a Web site themselves. Almost one in four (22 percent) believed they could build a good Web site in fewer than three hours, with the average consumer believing he or she could successfully complete the task in fewer than three days.<br /><br />In less than three years, 1&1 has doubled the number of domains it has registered to 10 million. 1&1 has a broad 50/50 consumer and business user base. In the past year alone, the number of 1&1 registered domains in the U.S. has increased by 46 percent. <br /><br />Andreas Gauger, Chairman of the Board, 1&1 Internet Inc., said, "We have seen pleasing growth in our domain registrations worldwide. Consumers nowadays require more than a raw solution at a low price. 1&1 products deliver a quick and effective Web presence, and our domains are no exception. We see a direct link between our rapid domain growth and our unique domain features. We will continue to add to our domains and make it even easier to launch online." <br /><br />Interestingly, 1&1&#39;s research reveals notable consumer confidence surrounding today&#39;s Web hosting packages. With the right tools to hand, consumers appear keen to take on the task of creating a Web site, whether for a business project or personal publishing. In line with the uptake of 1&1&#39;s domain name features, the consumers questioned placed a high value on easy-to-use Web-building tools, with 75 percent rating this as the most important factor when choosing a host.<br />

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