1&1 Doubles RAM on Green Virtual Private Servers

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<strong>Philadelphia &mdash; Nov. 25</strong><br />Web host 1&1 Internet Inc. announced that the already generous quotas of RAM will be quadrupled within the range of Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and doubled on all Linux VPS. 1&1&#39;s Windows and Linux VPSs start at $29 per month. <br /><br />Windows VPS packages now start with at least 512 MB of guaranteed RAM and Linux VPSs now include at least 256 MB of RAM and have up to 4 GB of burstable RAM. Burstable RAM allows customers to have a spike in their server memory usage, allowing more flexibility.<br /><br />In September, 1&1 debuted a new premium range of dedicated servers that combine the latest energy saving quad-core AMD processors with unrivaled quotas of RAM and hard-disk space, together with RAID1 or RAID5 technology, at extremely low prices. The success of the new range has boosted interest in 1&1 server products by 35 percent.<br /><br />For even more demanding server customers, 1&1 also added Windows Server 2008 as an option in the dedicated server products. Windows Server 2008 is both versatile and reliable with technological advancements, such as server and presentation virtualization capabilities, Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, Server Core, PowerShell, Network Access Protection and Server Manager. Enhanced networking and clustering technologies provide a security-improved, easy-to-manage platform. All 1&1 servers run on 100 percent renewable energy in a green state-of-the-art data center.<br /><br />Recently 1&1 announced that the 55,000-square-foot data center is fully green certified by Green-e, in cooperation with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. The Lenexa, Kan.-based facility now boasts 100 percent of the energy offset by renewable energy certificates. Server customers can be confident that their servers are housed in this state-of-the-art facility. <br />

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