10 GbE Certified IP Storage Program Introduced

IP storage company Intransa has launched a certification program to allow software and hardware vendors to test and certify applications with scalable, enterprise 10-gigabit Ethernet (GbE) storage solutions.

In entering Intransa StorAlliance10 GbE Certified IP Storage Program, vendors perform testing in the company’s StorAlliance Certification Lab in San Jose, Calif. Testing includes network, storage and application-tuning modules that allow participants to collect and analyze input/output (I/O) traces, identify performance bottlenecks for elimination, code enhancement suggestions and assistance with any needed retesting.

Intransa Vice President Jeff Whitney said the company had to work its way up to a 10 GbE program.

“We had to do a number of certifications before we could actually launch the product because we discovered that 1 GbE IP SAN [storage area network] performs very differently than 10 GbE does,” Whitney said. “That was kind of a shock to everybody — nobody in the industry was prepared to say that it was going to be different. But because of the way operating systems work, whether Linux or Microsoft or whatever, they were often single-threaded and couldn’t take advantage of the 10 GbE efforts.”

Perhaps because of this, one of the first companies that entered into the program after its announcement was Microsoft, and Intransa has just wrapped up eight weeks of testing at Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash., facilities.

“They have new versions of their own operating systems coming out that take advantage of 10 GbE, and they needed to be able to…



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