Conference Offers Best Practice Strategies for Responding to Economic Crisis

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Atlanta and London
How are the world’s most successful companies reducing cost, managing working capital and creating competitive advantage during these challenging recessionary times? What changes are they making to efficiently and strategically manage key general and administrative (G&A) areas such as finance, IT, procurement and HR, given unprecedented volatility in business demand?

These questions are at the heart of the agenda for The Hackett Group’s 19th annual Best Practices Conference in Atlanta May 13-14. The Hackett Group, a global strategic advisory firm, provides benchmarking and transformation consulting services including shared services, offshoring and outsourcing advice.

This year’s Hackett conference, titled “Business Disrupted: How World-Class Companies Mitigate Recession Risk and Create Competitive Advantage,” brings together speakers from more than a dozen of the world’s most successful companies, including Alcoa, Caterpillar, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Renault and Unisys, for two days of in-depth sessions.

The invitation-only event will also feature previews of Hackett’s 2009 Book of Numbers research in finance, IT, procurement and HR. The research quantifies spending, staffing, economic return and other key efficiency and effectiveness metrics of world-class and typical performers. Finally, Hackett will spotlight findings from three newly completed performance studies examining trends and best practices in: cash flow forecasting; cost control; and how best to organize back-office functions to deliver the greatest value.

“Today's uncertain economy has driven executives to focus on business value like never before,” said Hackett President Wayne Mincey. “At this year’s conference, we’re spotlighting how world-class companies are not only effective and efficient but also nimble enough to respond quickly to dynamic market conditions. There’s a lot to learn from these companies and how they’ve optimized their back-office organizational models, technology platforms and process frameworks to deliver the greatest value to the business.”

This year’s conference will offer attendees the opportunity to explore the following topics: how to improve working capital and reduce reliance on credit; how world-class companies reduce cost and complexity and create flexibility; strategies for leveraging low cost labor markets; and how to optimally leverage key effectiveness drivers including enterprise performance management, talent management, IT business value management and supplier management.

The following executives are currently scheduled to present:

  • Alcoa, Inc. – Kevin Horner, Chief Information Officer
  • ArvinMeritor Inc. – Deborah Henderson, Vice President and CIO
  • Caterpillar – Sid Banwart, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. – Joseph Heinrich, Chief Accounting Officer and
  • Controller, and Bill Johnson, Vice President Shared Services
  • Covidien – Michael Dunford, Vice President, Human Resources
  • GMAC Financial Services – Cynthia Dautrich, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Ontario Power Generation – Donn Hanbidge, Chief Financial Officer
  • REL Consultancy – Mark Tennant, President, Americas
  • Renault SA – Christian Mardrus, Vice President and CIO
  • Rio Tinto plc – Scott Singer, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Terex Corp. – Mark Bender, Director Business Process – Finance
  • Unisys Corp. – Peter Mares, Vice President Integrated Finance Service
  • Delivery
  • The Hackett Group
  • David Ackerman, IT Advisory Practice Leader
  • Ted Fernandez, Chief Executive Officer
  • Bryan Hall, Finance Advisory Practice Leader
  • Stephen Joyce, HR Advisory Practice Leader -
  • Wayne Mincey
  • Christopher Sawchuk, Procurement Advisory Practice Leader
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